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Consultation on new IT professional standards

The IT professional standards describe the skills and knowledge required across the disciplines of the IT profession. We are constantly reviewing and developing the IT professional standards so that they reflect the changing needs of employers, educators, trainers and other stakeholders across the IT profession.

Feedback on draft standards

We are currently developing the following standards, focusing on service delivery:

Service delivery NOS Consultation

e-skills UK has created a suite of new service delivery NOS (see above). We are seeking feedback on the suitability of the content of these NOS for assessing the skills of those undertaking service work and for developing qualifications that include service delivery.

How you can help

We would like those with an interest in this subject to review the content for fitness for purpose for skills review, and learning and development planning. We would appreciate your feedback. This can be done by forwarding your comments using the email link below.

Please email us with your feedback on the draft standards

As part of the approvals process for NOS we need to provide evidence of consultation therefore we request that a name and organisation are provided when making any comments. A list of those providing feedback will be maintained and made available to the approval panel. This information will not be made public and no further contact will be made unless specifically requested.